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"The menu is melting pot Central America...embodies the kitchen's complexity of flavors." - MICHELIN Guide

Michelin-Starred Restaurant Featured in Diners’ Epic ‘Savor the Bronx’ Week

"A Central American restaurant featured in the 2020 Michelin Guide is one of the highlights of the "Savor the Bronx" Restaurant Week that's aimed to boost tourism in the borough." - NBC 4 New York

MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

"The Bronx is immensely proud of its heritage, but that doesn’t mean it resists change. In fact, this recruit fits in perfectly with the swiftly changing 'hood as it stands sentry at the base of a distinguished building on a prominent corner. The interior is sunny and welcoming with a gracious staff to boot; the menu is melting pot Central America featuring pupusas from El Salvador, baleadas from Honduras and enchiladas from Mexico. Go for a side of cheese-the cuajada is a soft curd variety offering a taste of Nicaragua. Tacos, like the enchilada with a spicy pork concoction, are simple but gratifying; while the heartier, fork-tender oxtail floating in an intense sauce with a hint of sweetness embodies the kitchen's complexity of flavors." - MICHELIN Guide

Foodie Down Bronx | Savor The Bronx 2020

"FDBX host Em, @thehungrydominican visits Seis Vecinos restaurant in the Bronx for the launch of the Bronx’s very own restaurant week, Savor The Bronx. WATCH NOW!" - Bronxnet - Foodie Down Bronx

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: Highlighting the Garifunas Community's Strength in The Bronx

"The Bronx is the latest stop in a long journey, for the Garifunas. A resilient people, finding strength in unity. Their quest to find home, started not by choice, but by force.She helps her family back home by working at the Seis Vecinos (or six neighbors), a Central American restaurant in the Woodstock neighborhood." - Spectrum News NY1

Savor the Bronx is about celebrating our flavor

"Our borough’s culinary institutions are second to none,” Diaz Jr. said. “ Not only do we have world famous epicurean destination on City Island and Arthur Avenue, but we have hidden gems like Seis Vecinos in neighborhoods across the borough. I encourage foodies from all over the region to check out the flavors of the Bronx during our annual restaurant week event." - Bronx Times Reporter - Jason Cohen

What to Expect at Bronx Restaurant Week

"It’s called Seis Vecinos, Spanish for “six neighbors.” A nod to Mexico and the five countries in Central America. Starting next week, dining at the fusion eatery will be more affordable, thanks to Savor the Bronx, the borough’s version of Restaurant Week." - Spectrum News NY1

ABC Channel 7 - Neighborhood Eats: Seis Vecinos

At Seis Vecinos you'll find food from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico - six neighbors that share borders.The owners opened in Mott Haven where many Central American families live, and they have had so much success, they outgrew their first location.- ABC 7 Neighborhood Eats

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. to kick off 9th annual 'Savor The Bronx'

"Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. will host a media preview of the 9th Annual “Savor the Bronx” Restaurant Week at Seis Vecinos. Seis Vecinos is a Central American restaurant that is featured in the 2020 Michelin Guide and is located in the Longwood neighborhood of The Bronx at 640 Prospect Ave.“Savor the Bronx” Restaurant Week is produced by the Bronx Tourism Council and this year takes place from January 6 through January 17, 2020. " - BSN Black Star News

Savor The Bronx Restaurant Offering Delicious, Diverse Eats At A Discount

"If you love good food and can’t resist a bargain, it’s time to savor the tastes of The Bronx. “Savor The Bronx” Restaurant Week, now in its ninth year, is serving up some of the most delicious and diverse cuisines in the city. The event runs from Jan. 6 through Jan. 17, 2020. Olga Luz Tirado, the executive director of The Bronx Tourism Council, joined CBSN New York’s Dana Tyler to share details about the event. " - CBS 2 New York

Foodie Down Bronx | Omar Canales @seisvecinos

"Host Em aka The Hungry Dominican @thehungrydominican discusses food, social media, business and more with Omar Canales of Seis Vecinos, a Central American/Mexican restaurant located at 640 Prospect Avenue in the Bronx. @seisvecinos" - Bronxnet - Foodie Down Bronx

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Boogie Down Bites - Watch Now

A Bronx restaurant is bringing all the flavors of Central America to the borough.

"Seis Vecinos on Prospect Ave opened five years ago with the idea of bringing the unique flavors of countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador together. Owners say they want to share up a variety of dishes from Central America to showcase everything the continent has to offer." - News 12 The Bronx

Good for: A low-key meal of Central American specialties in the heart of the Bronx’s Honduran community. Honduras’s signature snack, the Baleada, is something like a cross between a quesadilla and burrito.

"(Being a single tortilla wrapped around a filling, it’s not legally a sandwich but, for the sake of deliciousness, give us a break.) At Seis Vecinos, a low-key and homey neighborhood spot in Melrose, they make thick, chewy wheat order tortillas. There are several options available, but the best is the original and most basic. All it takes is an ample but not overwhelming smear of refried black beans, some tangy sour cream, and a dose of salty, pungent queso duro, a Parmigianino-like cheese. Order this: Baleada Regular" - First We Feast - Our 5 Favorite Sandwiches in The Bronx - Chris Crowley

Bronx Eats: Discovering Cashew Apple Juice at Seis Vecinos in Mott Haven

"The balaeadas, too, are well worth your money. Made fresh to order, these wheat tortillas are thick and bubbly, with playful chewyness that tugs back at every bite. -it's going to be a struggle to not stop by Seis Vecinos whenever I'm around the neighborhood." - Serious Eats - CHRIS E. CROWLEY

Eating In Translation : Seis Vecinos

"At this Central American and Mexican kitchen, the possibilities include skirt steak, smoked pork chops, fried fish or shrimp, oxtail, and (shown) ground beef, surmounted by tomato, cilantro, grated cheese, and a magenta tangle of pickled onion." - Eating In Translation

Where to Find Tamales Made With Fresh Corn in the Bronx

"We've written about Honduran restaurant Seis Vecinos before, praising their baleadas, thick flour tortillas wrapped around queso durado, refried beans, and crema, and seductive cashew apple juice. But there's more to the menu than just tortillas and juice." - Serious Eats

Why You Should Go on a 6 Train Food Crawl

"Seis Vecinos specializes in the food of Honduras and El Salvador. Keep it simple and order a balaeada, a wheat tortilla stuffed—at its most basic—with puréed beans, sour cream, and shredded cheese (here, queso doroco) to go. The tortillas, made fresh to order, are thick and bubbly, with a playful chewiness that tugs back at every bite." - Bronx Eats Serious Eats - CHRIS E. CROWLEY

A Great Doughnut Made of Masa at Seis Vecinos

"Up until last week, if you asked me where to find a quality doughnut in the Bronx I'd scratch my head. Now I can tell you: one of the borough's finest desserts is the Honduran-style Rosquillas el Dulce from Mott Haven's Seis Vecinos. " - Sugar Rush : Serious Eats

...I am still glad that I tried this classic Honduran dish and I think many people will enjoy it.

"The translation to English of the restaurant's name Seis Vecinos "six neighbors," refers to the restaurant proudly serving food of all five Central American countries, as well as Mexico. However, the owner, and head-chef are from Honduras and Seis Vecinos presents the best of traditional Honduran dishes." - ETHNIC EPICURE